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How To Choose The Right Engagement Ring

In Western culture, when a man asks the woman he loves for marriage, he proposes and gives her a ring. This ring is otherwise known as the engagement ring, and it symbolizes that the man and the woman will soon unite in marriage. The ring does not really matter a lot for most women, but for some it does. So if you have not proposed to the woman you love yet, then here are the ways in choosing an engagement ring.

First, you need to choose a band that is most suitable for the woman you want to marry. The band is the circular thing that is inserted through the ring finger. You can choose from different metals like gold, silver, or platinum. If you are not sure as to what band is best for the ring you want to buy, then you can ask your jeweler for some facts about the different metals.

c5f4905dbd3e9bd7dff9ac00f4b67a4eNext, you have to choose the right gem for your ring. The most common choice is diamond but there are other gems to choose from like emerald, amethyst, ruby and many more. You have to choose the right gem size for the ring. A lot of women would rather have bigger stones but for some they want to keep it simple. It is important that you know the personality of your girlfriend so that you can choose the right gem and the gem size for her.

Third, you have to choose the right ring size. It will surely be perfect if you can give the right ring at the right moment as you give it away to your girlfriend. You can secretly check the ring size which can be seen at the bottom of the ring. However, in case you really don’t know her size and you are relying on your hunch, go for a bigger size because it is easier to have it resized to a lower one than having it sized up.

img_4624Fourth, choose the right shop or the right jeweler. It does not really mean that the right one has the most expensive services in town. Choose a shop that makes you feel comfortable. Moreover, choose someone who gives your suggestions on how to choose the right ring for her. These days, people also check online jewelry stores for options.

Lastly, check on your budget. Check on how much you are willing to pay for your girl’s ring. You can ask your jeweler about cheap finds. But what is more important is to give her the symbol of your love. Most of the time the price is not the major consideration, although a lot of men want to give the most expensive.