Redecorating Your Home To Add Property Value

You can maximise the appeal of your property by refreshing the exterior of your home but redecorating isn’t just about the bedrooms inside, as first impressions begin outside the house. Your makeover should start with the outside of the house so ensure your doors and windows are high quality and secure. Paint the window frames and sashes in fresh bright white with a treatment so that they are protected from the weather. If your house has wooden shutters and sashes you need to look out for rotten areas. It will end up cheaper for you to replace your windows than to haggle your house price if the prospective buyers notice!


Hiring in a painter and decorator in Northampton to have a look over your house and give you some ideas even for the outside. Choosing a bold tone in a classic colour to refresh your front door will make a statement and attract attention. Changing the doorknobs and letterboxes with beautiful brass replacements will also make a statement for your house and making sure the doormat is pristine for a viewing would be preferable for your prospective buyers. Another consideration for outside the property is the garden. You can add massive value to your home – especially with young families being interested – by tidying up the garden. The choices you make with your lawn space should depend on your location. Crowded urban areas and parking at a premium, you should you should consider gravelling over or paving the front yard area. Most front gardens are smaller in built up areas and adding an off-street parking space to your property could see your house valuation soar and you can still retain the impression of a front garden without actually having one.

If you have the space for a flowerbed in the front of the home you are able to really brighten up the front garden. The fragrance and colourful appearance of flowers at the start of the home before you even get inside, can give a fantastic mood lift to those coming into the home. Having a painter and decorator in Rugby come in and help with peeling paint, fading colours and outdated choices can help as your paintwork sends a strong message to buyers and can affect your house value greatly. Setting an atmosphere for each room by brilliant decoration and neutral colours for hallways and corridors can send light and the illusion of space careening through the home. Save money by utilising colour match paints from brands such as Dulux and achieve the look without the price tag by matching the colour in another paint brand. Your decorator can advise you properly here and help you to choose the right swatch for each room. A new lick of paint can brighten up any home both inside and outside and getting the appropriate advice is the best thing to do.