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Diamond Rings

Vintage or Clustered: The Diamond Rings That Are To Die For

Diamonds have captured the hearts of many women all over the world. It has become so trendy now that diamonds are incorporated in the designs of cars, handbags and even in lingerie. Something that was once used only in jewelries is now widely used in different things. This only proves how timeless its beauty is. But of course, we can never go wrong with just settling for a diamond ring than diamond encrusted underwear. Diamond rings have been popular for centuries now. It has long been a symbol of affluence, elegance and on a much deeper sense, a symbol of love and commitment. These rings are thought to have been, and is still believed to be, a perfect gift that a man could ever give for the woman he loves, especially those who are looking into marrying this woman.

Vintage Diamond Rings

womens-18k-two-tone-gold-vintage-diamond-ring-135ct-p-50The design of these rings can range from a simple diamond ring to a clustered diamond ring. The common thing about them is that they have this vintage feel to them. Vintage, as we know it, is also a popular trend now a days and when you marry something that is as timeless as a diamond and an era of pure elegance, the product should be a masterpiece. There are vintage pieces that are spitting images of the Victorian Era and are just as beautiful and intricate. In the UK, there are a number of jewelers who are selling these types of diamond rings. They offer quality diamond rings in stylish but classic designs.

Diamond Clustered Rings

cluster2-600-sharpThese designs, on the other hand, can also have that vintage feel to it. But what makes it  really special is the fact that these rings are comprised of a number of diamonds that are cut in such a way that when you put them in a cluster, they have that extra amount of sparkle that ordinary diamond rings don’t possess. These rings can be a bit costly though, considering the amount of diamonds that one piece has. But there are many designs from different jewelers around the world which are definitely worth every penny. Most of the Victorian inspired diamond rings are diamond clustered rings which gives the whole piece a bold look that is very sophisticated. Check out Philip Lloyd Jewellers for some of the most elegant diamond clustered rings you can ever find.

[box type=”shadow”]When people decided and agreed on the idea that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, they sure knew what they were talking about. In fact, at this day and age, diamonds have not only lived up to their title as a girl’s best friend, it has also captured the interests of men as they take pleasure in cars that are covered in diamonds. And because of that, I believe it’s safe to say that diamonds are everyone’s best friend. These stones will forever be the epitome of affluence and elegance.[/box]